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by Anne Schreiber

Sharks are fast and big. The world's biggest shark is the whale shark. Sharks live in every place on the planet except antarctic. Basking sharks live in the arctic. the world's greatest known shark is the great white shark. Other known sharks are like the bull shark, the hammerhead shark, the tiger shark.. and more! Sharks have 5 to 7 gill slits. They use their gills to breath. Sharks are endangered. That means sharks are sort of like over hunted. People use them for shark fin soup. People who only want the shark fin soup will catch a shark, cut it's fins, and throw it back in the water. Shark fin soup is only for the wealth in China. Sharks live to about 20 to 30 years old. Sharks kill about 1 person per year in the USA, and 6 people a year in the globe. Instead of having bones, sharks have cartilage. Cartilage is like flexible bone. It is found on you ears and nose. If humans and sharks do an average of how many sharks or humans kill each other a year, humans would 100% win the match and destroy and conquer sharks. that's because humans kill more then 100 MILLION sharks a year, while the sharks only kill an average of 6 people a year around the globe. (Globe of earth.) Fun fact; sharks are a type of fish. Shark skin feels like sand paper. Blue sharks are really blue, despite their name. Most sharks have good eyesight.

by Jonathan K. Alderfer

Birds can fly. (Most of them except penguins.) Birds can fly because they have lightweight bones. Like paper, but way stronger. Birds are mammals, which means they have fur or hair on them. Birds are mostly small. Some are only one color, and others may be all the colors of the rainbow! Some are awake at night, like an owl, and there are awake at the day, like a parrot. Birds can be as pets in a cage. Birds live all over the world. Even Antarctica! The penguin lives there. Birds are warm blooded. Instead of giving live birth, birds hatch from eggs (I think everyone knows that, but I just want to mention it.) The ostrich is the world's biggest bird. The world's smallest bird is the hummingbird. Even chickens are birds! (Although they can't fly.) birds have a beak instead of a mouth. Bird beaks are useful. For instances, a beak is useful for woodpeckers so they can peck wood. There are around 10000 different species of birds worldwide. Scientists believe that birds evolved from theropod dinosaurs. Fun fact, a flamingo can only eat if it's head is upside down. The Archaeopteryx is the earliest known bird which lived approximately 147 million years ago. This bird was so different to today's birds, as not only did it have a long bony tail, it also had teeth! A chicken with red earlobes will produce brown eggs, and a chicken with white earlobes will produce white eggs.

Be kind
by Pat Zietlow Miller

What a nice and fantastic book ??

Be kind
by Pat Zietlow Miller

What a nice and fantastic book ??

by Anne Schreiber

Hippos are big. There are two times of hippos, the regular hippo and the pygmy hippo. Pygmy hippos are smaller than the ones we see in zoos and Africa. Hippos run 19 mph (miles per hour) on land. Hippos have big jaws and eat plants. They can eat up to 80 pounds of grass a day! Hippos are aggresive. They kill about 500 people a year. But people called poachers hunt hippos for their teeth, ivory, and meat. Male hippos weigh about 3,300 to 4,000 pounds, whereas female hippos, (smaller) weigh only about 2,00 to 3,300 pounds. Baby hippos stay in their mothers stomach for 243 days before it is born into the wild or into the zoos. Hippos live in water and land. They live in Africa. Hippos mostly live for 40 to 50 years but the world's oldest hippo was 65 years old. Did you know that, a hippos jaws are so strong, they can bite through a CANOE with ONE BITE. Hippos are strong. They can fend off tigers. The tiger may be able to do some scratches, but that is about all it can do to the hippo. Whereas, the hippo can snap a tigers neck with a huge bite. if you are caught by a hippos sight, run from it and climb a tree, because most likely, you will get chased down. Unless your like some sort of Usain Bolt II (the second.) A hippo can also beat a gorilla in a fight. It has far stronger jaws then a gorillas muscle.

by Anne Schreiber

Penguins live in the Antarctica. They live at the bottom of the earth. Penguins have to live in the earths harshest environments. Penguins feed their babies by regurgitating their food. Its like all mashed up for the baby. During the winter, a female and male mate. Then the female lays an egg and hands the egg over to the male . Last the female goes hunting for the winter. The Antarctic is cold. Especially the winter. The males huddle and take turns at the center of the huddle. At last, the female returns with food. So then, the male can go to the ocean to feed. While the male is gone, the female waits for her egg to hatch. She must protect it because other birds, like skua birds like to force the females to drop the egg so it can eat the egg. The largest penguins are emperor penguins. They stand at 4 feet tall and weigh 50 and 100 pounds. They are 43 and 51 inches tall. Penguins eat krill. Krill looks like a smaller version of a shrimp. Except way smaller. Many animals eat the penguins. Seals, sea lions, and shark eat penguins. Killer whales (Orca) also eat penguins. Penguins are a type of bird. Unlike other birds, penguins cannot fly. Instead they swim. Only one type of penguin live besides Antarctica. Their manes are the Galapagos penguin. Galapagos penguins live in the Galapagos islands.

by Tammy Gagne

Zebras are known for their black and white stripe pattern on their fur. People hunt for the fur. Zebras are like a different color of horses. They both have a mane on the back of their neck. Zebras are Herbivore. That means they eat grass and not meat. Its predator are lions and tigers. Zebras live in grasslands, like elephants. They ONLY live in Africa. Zebras stand up to tigers if they want to eat them. The zebras find power in huge groups. The reason zebras live in the grasslands is because there is a ton of grass. If you ask me, why don't they live in the forest? Zebras don't live in dark or croudy areas because their predator can creep up on them, and, they can't find each other. So that's why zebras don't live in forests. Zebras live in grasslands so that they can spot predator and can run away for find other zebras. Zebras have the longest migration of any mammal! Most zebras are about 4.5 feet tall at their shoulders. They weigh between 400 and 990 pounds. (180 to 450 kilograms.) Plains zebras are the smallest and grevys zebras are the biggest. Males greavy zebras are bigger than females. Each zebras have different stripe pattern. Zebras necks are muscular. Did you know that zebras have black skin underneath thier fur? Their nose proves it! The grevys zebras (the biggest zebra) stripes are the thinnest.

by Kristen Hall

Elephants are the world's biggest land mammal. They can weight as much as three rhinos! (Rhinos are the world's second biggest land mammal in the world!) The african elephant is the biggest, not the asian elephant. The male African elephant can be as tall as thirteen feet! That is about 5 feet taller than the worlds tallest man (8 foot 1 inch.) Also, they can weigh up to 6 tons!!!! (about 12000 pounds.) Elephants live in grasslands, forests, and near rivers. They can go a long time without drinking water so they can live in less water reigons, like the grasslands. Elephant msotly live in Africa. Elephants have large ears. the ears act like fans when they are hot. Elephants have huge tusks to fend of pretaders. Elephants eat bark, sticks, leaves, and fruit. Their pretaders are lions and tigers. An elephant lives about 70 years. It dies when its tusks and teeth were out and they can't chew food anymore. The world's largest tusk is about 8 foot long. Elephants also use their tusks to dig up food. Elephants are also known for their long trunks, like their nose and hand. The tusk grabs food and brings it to the elephants mouth. An elephant's tusk can weigh up to 130 pounds!!! (about 59 kilograms.) Elephants also use their trunk to suck water and spray the water into their mouths. That is how elephants drink water.

by David Armentrout, Patricia Armentrout

Rodents are mostly small. Rodents are mammals. That means they feed milk to their young and have hair. Types of rodents are red squirrel, capybara, mouse, rats, beaver, chipmunk, squirrel, grey mouse, hamster, and prairie dog. Rats are the most known type of rodent. Rats are small. A small one like the pocket mice, and fit in your pants pocket! Wild and pet rats are very different. First, wild rats carry diseases. Second, pet rats get fed and wild mice don't. If you want to get two pet rats, consider getting the same gender rats as they will not mate and too many babies which will overwhelm your pet cage and you would need to feed every last one of the babies. Plus, if you get both rats, it will be more fun and entertaining instead of just a less fun and entertaining pet rat or mice. Did you know that rats are a bit bigger then mice and mouses? The rats that live alone will be lonely. If you get a littermate, they are less likely to fight, but that doesn't mean that they don't fight 100% of the time. They just fight like 20% and not a littermates will maybe fight 50% or more maybe. One of the more popular color picks for rats pets are pink eyed white rats.

The Subtle Knife
by Philip Pullman

This is the amazing sequel to the first book of the trilogy ' His Dark Materials. ' Go with Lyra and Will on their action-packed filled adventure to discover the "Dust" and to stop Mrs. Coulter and her troop from getting it first with the help of the witch clans, the angels, and of course the althiometer and the subtle knife.
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