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Book Reviews
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A Covid birthday
by Iva Valentino

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It was good because I thought the people would not go outside but I saw they were in their cars wishing Adriana a very happy birthday.

Read The Book, Lemmings
by Ame Dyckman

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It gets five stars because it's the best book that I read. Lemmings are so cute. The Lemmings realized that they don't jump off cliffs.

Front Desk
by Front Desk Kelly Yang

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Awesome!!must read book for all readers.

The Grimm Legacy
by Polly Shulman

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Amazing book!

The bear’s frienship
by Nefise atcakalar

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It wasn’t

Grumpy Goat
by Brett Helquist

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Nice illustration

Cat ninja
by mattew cody

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This book is about a cat ninja he takes down a purple guy then he goes home to get a towel but a dog tries to lick him after that he stops a robot.

The picture behind the curtain
by Nefise atcakarlar

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The book was so boring and it wasn’t fun.

Middle School Field Trip Fiasco
by James Patterson

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it is a very good book

Beginners Welcome
by Cindy Baldwin

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Nice book! I love the climax and how Annie Lee and her mom get over their dad/Husband´s death, really good story and strong message that you can do anything.