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Book Reviews
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Belly Up
by Stuart Gibbs

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Sports Cars Book
by Matt Doeden

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I really like the way they have given everything about the car. Like price, speed, model.

Out Of My Mind
by Sharon M Draper

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Melody is amazing!

Each Tiny Spark By Pablo Cartaya
by Pablo Cartaya

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I loved how at the end, Emilia connects to her dad and finally, finally, he responds to her video

The Secret Room
by Nefise atcakalar

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The story was really good and it is a action book.

Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets
by J.K. Rowling

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This book is really good and very interesting to read ad also very much fun!

Cat Ninja Tales
by Jadzia Axelrod

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This book is about ghosts. You would think Ghosts were real from dead people but this book helps you to understand ghost sounds and pictures can be made from Science using props like Projector, laundry sounds. In my opinion, you should read this book to know that ghosts may not be real.

The Milo & Jazz Mysteries: The Case of the Amazing Zelda
by Lewis B. Montgomery

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The amazing Zelda can read minds of animals. The case is how? Read to find out.

Barbie Picks Apples
by Aa Big Book

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doggie dreams
by mike

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this book is about a dog have dreams. there is a dog named jake he loves to sleep he sleeps every where i wonder what he dreams about. I wish I new. they show you the dreams to figure out read the book.

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