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If You Give a Dog Donut
by Laura Numeroff If You Give Series

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First Dog will ask for the Apple Juice, then he will ask for Donut then he wants to play BaseBall, then he will take home run then he will do a happy dance Celebrate. At last, he will become dusty.

A Hero For Wondla
by Tony Diterlizzi

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This review is for all the WondLa books. Tony has such a way of writing that is so beautiful! He shows how Eva went from a naive and stubborn girl to a strong, bold woman all while saving the planet Orbona from getting destroyed by evil robots.

Wings Of Fire Book 2
by Tui T Sutherland Wings Of Fire Series

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This review goes for all the Wings of Fire books: So far, I really like the books in this series and the way they all run together. I like the way the author writes. So far it's one of my favorite book series

The Kicks Homecoming
by Alex Morgan

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This book was pretty good, but it could have been a little longer

Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase
by Carolyn Keene

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Nancy Drew books have been always my favorite. In this book, Nancy Drew and her best friend Helen, are solving a mystery of an old haunted house which belongs to Helen's Aunt Rosemary and her mother, Ms.Flora. Nancy finds a secret panel to an underground passage and staircase. The tunnel leads to another staircase. But at the top of the stairs is a man who stops Nancy and Helen. Nancy discovers a missing property owner, hidden staircases and passages inside Twin Elms, and that her father is a prisoner in the tunnel. I have been reading this book for my mystery genre and decided to complete the book in my summer holidays. I hope you love this book! Stay Safe everyone!

Pete The Cat I Love My White Shoes
by James Dean Pete The Cat

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In this book Pete has brand new shoes,and he loves his brand new shoes very much!!!!!!!!!

Maxs Words
by Kate Banks Max's Words

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Very nice book.Different topic.My 6 year old now wants his own word collection after reading the book.

Fancy Nancy Everyday Is Earth Day
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I recommend to read this book. It has fancy words. It teaches not to be bossy while you take care of earth.

by Anne Schreiber

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Sharks are fast and big. The world's biggest shark is the whale shark. Sharks live in every place on the planet except antarctic. Basking sharks live in the arctic. the world's greatest known shark is the great white shark. Other known sharks are like the bull shark, the hammerhead shark, the tiger shark.. and more! Sharks have 5 to 7 gill slits. They use their gills to breath. Sharks are endangered. That means sharks are sort of like over hunted. People use them for shark fin soup. People who only want the shark fin soup will catch a shark, cut it's fins, and throw it back in the water. Shark fin soup is only for the wealth in China. Sharks live to about 20 to 30 years old. Sharks kill about 1 person per year in the USA, and 6 people a year in the globe. Instead of having bones, sharks have cartilage. Cartilage is like flexible bone. It is found on you ears and nose. If humans and sharks do an average of how many sharks or humans kill each other a year, humans would 100% win the match and destroy and conquer sharks. that's because humans kill more then 100 MILLION sharks a year, while the sharks only kill an average of 6 people a year around the globe. (Globe of earth.) Fun fact; sharks are a type of fish. Shark skin feels like sand paper. Blue sharks are really blue, despite their name. Most sharks have good eyesight.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Ugly Truth
by Jeff Kinney

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This book is mostly about a teen age boy named Greg Heffley and how he wants to grow up now and how he faces the ugly truth without his best friend beside him!!!

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