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Where is the meat
by Nefise atcakarlar

It was fun and taught me a good lesson

The Diggingest Dog
by Al Perkins

It was funny and fun to read

Three pieces of advice
by Nefise atcakarlar

It didn’t have good pictures and it was boring

A Bug A Bear And A Boy
by David Mcphail

The book was a little boring

Visiting the sick
by Nefise atcakarlar

The book was good and taught a good lesson but it didn’t have action in it.

The picture behind the curtain
by Nefise atcakarlar

The book was so boring and it wasn’t fun.

The bear’s frienship
by Nefise atcakalar

It wasn’t

The Secret Room
by Nefise atcakalar

The story was really good and it is a action book.

The camel and the mouse
by Nefise atcakalar

The book was fun and it teaches a good lesson.

The Serpents Secret
by Sayantani Dasgupta

Awesome and exciting.
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