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Barbie I can be a baby doctor
by Giulia conti


The Milo & Jazz Mysteries: The Case of the Superstar Scam
by Lewis B Montgomery

Some one took everyone's power picks! The case is who read to find out.

Emma Is On The Air
by Ida siegal

Emma wanted to be a famous News reporter,When she wents to school she used the whole day to find a issu at school.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
by Mary Berendes

Always truthful

The Milo & Jazz Mysteries: The Case of the July 4th Jinx
by Lewis B. Montgomery

Some strange things are happening! The case is how. read to find out!

Pete The Cat And The Surprise Teacher
by James Dean

I love this book!

I Love My Purse
by Belle DeMont

A boy loves a red purse but others say not to get his purse. Still he gets it. Show the world what you love.

The Milo & Jazz Mysteries: The Case of the Amazing Zelda
by Lewis B. Montgomery

The amazing Zelda can read minds of animals. The case is how? Read to find out.

Shouting At The Rain Lynda Mullaly Hunt
by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Good thing Daelsie understands how much Bridget, her grandmother, loves her

Each Tiny Spark By Pablo Cartaya
by Pablo Cartaya

I loved how at the end, Emilia connects to her dad and finally, finally, he responds to her video
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