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Endangered Animals
by Beth Parlikar

This book is the best because it tells about many animals that are in danger like Dodo birds, Giant Moa , Tasmanian wolf and many more animals.And some animals are hunted by peoples like kakapo. Kakapo are rare parrots in the world kakapo were 200,000,000,000 kakapo living then it go to 6,900,000,000 living and know there are 122 kakapo's left in the world.So you should always protect every kind of animal even if it is a harmful animal.

Katie Woo boss of the world
by Fran Manushkin

this book is great because I learnt a lesson it is not to be bossy and I really wanted to read Katie woo series!!!

Mr. Putter And Tabby Walk The Dog
by Cynthia Rylant

I like Mr. putter and tabby series the part I like is when Zeke was a dream dog

The Ickabog
by Jk Rowling

love the visualizations in the book. I could picture them in my mind. And I loved the plot of the story. Also, I loved how she connected some events to the whole story and the cliffhangers were one of the best parts!

Tornados and hurricanes
by Cy Armour

this book is good I like the part that it shows really cool pictures of happening tornadoes and hurricanes and I think tornado is stronger because its speed is 300 miles per hour and hurricanes is 74 miles per hour.

One Crazy Summer
by Rita Williams-garcia

Great book! Its about a girl who is preparing for a flight to take her back home from her vacation. I still have to read.

Geronimo Stilton, Volume 14: The First Mouse On The Moon
by Geronimo Stilton


Guts By Raina Telgemeier

Good Book ! I liked the pictures and story.

Bud Not Buddy By Christopher Paul Curtis

Good Book ! I liked the story very much the story is about : a boy named bud

How are rain, snow and hail alike?
by Ellen Lawrence

this good it talks about how is rain and snow and hail alike.
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