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Book Reviews
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The Magic School Bus Presents The Human Body
by Human body

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This is a nonfiction book but it feels like a fiction book with lots of adventures and education! Do not forget to try the book.

Barbie Picks Apples
by Aa Big Book

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Barbie I can be a baby doctor
by Giulia conti

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Shawn and Keeper and the birthday party
by Jonathan London

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It’s really nice to write dog’s name on cake.

Kick, pass and run
by Leonard Kessler

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It’s funny as animals are playing football

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
by Mary Berendes

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Always truthful

100 things i love to do with you
by Amy Schwartz

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Cool book

The Digging-est Dog
by Al Perkins

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I liked this book because it was rhyming but it was little boring.

cat ninja
by chad tomas

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This book is about a dad trying to get the duaghter but the dad is not the dad and he is a bad guy. at first cat ninja is facing of bad guys then he go to his owner and saw the dad named crownowl then they talked went to the cooko hide out then they figure out that crownowl is the cooko the bad guy then all went in a portal.

Pig The Star
by Aaron Blabey

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I love this book

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